Christmas Gift Guide for the Chronically Ill

Hi friends!

I am so excited to be making my first ever Christmas gift guide! Below I have a collage of a bunch of items that I love, or that I am lusting after. I hope you look into some of them and that they help make your life (or your loved one’s life) just a little bit easier!



1- I purchased these slippers a few weeks ago, and they are so unbelievably soft, comfortable and warm! I am someone who hates walking around barefoot, so these slippers are great. They also have a hard sole, so if you need to run out quickly to the store or to pick up food, you can leave them on!

2- I have really come to enjoy my baths over these past few years. I light a candle, add some bubble bath, and either watch a tv show or read a magazine to relax. Having a little bath caddy is so helpful to store all the essentials and keep them dry!

3- These shorts are on my wishlist for sure! I have heard so many good things about this brand, and how soft and comfy their pajamas are. I can’t wait to get these for lounging around the house.

4- This acupressure mat is great for sore muscles and relaxation. My abdominal issue also causes associated lower back pain, and lying on this mat helps alleviate some of that. I recommend this for anyone who wants a bit of relaxation!

5- These headphones are perfect for if you like to listen to podcasts, music, or tv shows when you’re in bed. Regular headphones are painful or they fall out, but these stay snug and don’t cause any discomfort since they are worn like a headband.

I hope some of these recommendations gave you some ideas, or that you like the products I included! What is on your Christmas wish list? Let me know below!

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